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    Add your small about me here! Hi my name is Leslie and I love pies. Pies are good and delicious and fun to eat. They're not cake.

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    2 months later...

    I seriously have got no time for blogger/facebook/twitter at all cause ive been spending my whole life for Tumblr. Which, i still have yet to figure out what's so addictive about it hahahaha. Nothing much to say for now exactly, but, i just love this guy up here ^ He's got everything i ever need in this world and i won't trade him for anything else in this world.


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    I know it's been so long! but i will find time! Meanwhile,



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    It's been a long time indeed. Anyway, last week was the boy's 21st birthday. So, these are the pictures that i managed to capture.

    Here's are the way to bake the DIY birthday cake!

    I have no idea what was i doing with the colors but it turns out all good! And delicious, not to mention ;) And this was bake freshly out from the oven hours before his #2 surprise. But before anything else, i managed to dragged him with me for his first surprise for a buffet dinner @ Straits Kitchen, Hyatt's a day after his actual birthday!

    And baby, this is not expensive, really.

    Indeed there was alot of helleluva nice foods to choose from and yes, we went home with big tummy, which feels great! :D Just when the day ends, the boy thought that was it. We'll just gonna meet the next weekend when he books out but hey, no! He couldnt smell anything which ive planned with his other close buddies and his family members for a 2nd round of surprise which held on the very next day! Smart enough ;)

    And it was really indeed a great help from Alfee and Syahfiq for helping me out in gathering everyone together from 2 different sides. We took at least 2 weeks to plan this okay!

    The mum ordered Nasi Briyani for all of us and its so power!!


    Actually, there is more pictures than this. But nevermind, this is already great enough for a sneak peak. Truthfully, i didnt knew what was i thinking but i actually told his mum all the crazy idea i have. And never did i thought, his mum & sister is so cool to join in and plays a part in this surprise! HAHAHAHAHA. Which everything turns out very, very well! The boy didnt see it coming and yes, a successful surprise it is! :DDD Hope you had a great 21st birthday baby, even when its not any amazing. Hope you love it bb!!

    One huge mission down, another one to go. On the very next day, me and the girls, including Ayub was up for Khyla's big surprise! We skipped school and went out in the early morning just to find her presents @ Compass point (which we have no idea what to buy for her!) and went to her house to boomz her! And her mum was cool enough to help me in this. Yeah you got it right! It was another crazy idea of mine! :P HAHAHAHA. But alhamdulillah, everything went on very smoothly and she didnt even see it coming, not at all! ;)


    She was indeed in deep shock when she opened the door. Zomg, we even have the video of it! Once i received it, i will upload it to share! HEHEHE. And she took almost an hour to recover from the shockness when she realises her boyfriend was with us too! Not something she could expect of indeed! Hey Twinny, hope you love our surprise 19th burst day for you! :P

    Im full of crazy stupid ideas, so beware of me, all of you! HAHAHAHA. But, honestly, it's really a joy and pleasure to prepare, plan and do all of this, really. Caz this is something i really enjoy doing actually. Eventhough it made my days/weeks so chaotic, planning and calling so many people almost every single time, i enjoyed it much :)

    Anyway, it's been so long, yesz! Too busy with school now that i'm taking up Diploma in Accounting & Business in my school via ACCA. It was a golden oppportunity given and yes, imma definitely work very hard for this. Bright future awaits, insyaallah. Ya'll have a great holiday for whoever is having them now, and have a good time schooling/working, whatever it is! :D


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